Wing Shooting
There are a variety of game birds in our area. We have a few dams and marshy areas that provides habitat to Egyptian Geese, the Spur-Winged Goose and a variety of ducks etc.

In the veld and around the fields you will find Helmeted Guinea fowl, a variety of Francolin as well as numerous dove and pigeon species.

Retrieving and pointing dogs are used on the hunts. We have a high success rate on the bird hunts.

Plains Game
We have a reputation for hunting animals of very good trophy quality. Our beautiful Eastern Cape province is home to a large variety of species, including the proud Bushbuck. A good percentage of the animals are free range, with no high fences.

We are renowned for our success on the specialized hunts for species like Vaal Rheebuck and Blue and Red Duiker. We also hunt Bush Pig, Caracal, the Southern Bush Duiker, Grysbok, Mountain Reedbuck and Fallow Deer (introduced), to name a few. The bigger plains game include Sable, Roan, Kudu, Gemsbok, Eland and Zebra. The abundance of animals make for very satisfactory hunting.

Big Five
Dangerous game distinguishes African hunting from the rest of the world. Our concessions offer the best as far as the Big Five, hippo and croc are concerned.

Hunting with Hounds
Our Bush pig and Caracal hunts are exciting as the quarry is tracked and bayed by hounds. As any experienced hunter knows hunting with hounds brings a new element to the hunting experience.

You will need 2 woollen shirts , 2 cotton shirts, 3 or 4 sets of trousers, socks and underwear, two pairs of walking shoes, a hat or cap. A warm jacket for early mornings and evenings and a sweater or two. Other helpful items are gloves, hunting knife, binoculars, camera and film, chewing gum, personal medicine.